Concord Police Department

Concord Police Department badge
  • BikeSafe Sponsor Since: June 2015
  • Number of Classes Taught: 4
  • Number of Attendees: 18

The Concord Police Department is committed to community policing through the use of evidence-based, problem- oriented, and data driven strategies. We recognize that public safety is not achieved in a vacuum. Our success is largely dependent upon developing and maintaining strong partnerships with an engaged community, and the extent to which the community views our actions as procedurally just and legitimate. The Concord Police Department is therefore committed to: being respectful, transparent and accountable to the public; engaging in ethical and professional standards of conduct; achieving positive results; and continuous improvement in order to exceed the community's expectations and better serve the citizens, visitors, and businesses of Concord.


  • 41 Cabarrus Ave West
  • Concord, NC 28025
  • 704-920-5000 (bus. hrs)
  • 704-920-5000 (after hrs)

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