September 10, BikeSafe NC Rider Skills Day

  • Status: Closed
  • Location: Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center (Google Map)
  • Address: 2725 Beam Road, Charlotte, NC 28217
  • Host Agency: Charlotte Mecklenburg Police
  • Date: Friday September 10, 2021
  • Start Time: 8:00 AM sharp
  • Registration Deadline: Friday September 10, 2021
BikeSafe Rider Skills Days involve background information and training related to 5 areas:
  • Motorcycle Control (Covers Acceleration, Braking, Clutch Control, and Smoothness)
  • Hazard Management (Covers Observation, Planning, Approach Position, Safety Margin, Reaction to Signs, Perception of Danger, and Reaction to Danger)
  • Cornering (Covers Curve Assessment, Approach Position, Approach Speed, and Safety Margin)
  • Overtaking (Covers Planning and Following Position)
  • Roadcraft (Covers Mirrors / Rear Obstacles, Use of Signals, and Attitude)
The class involves classroom discussion and active riding skills assessment by qualified BikeSafe Assessors. The typical agenda includes:
  • Morning classroom session
  • Short Ride (Drivers are paired with assessors and drive a specified course for around 45 minutes)
  • Break for Lunch
  • Afternoon classroom session (Includes feedback from motor officers)
  • Long Ride (Drivers are paired with assessors and drive a specified course for around 75 minutes)
  • Final classroom session involving feedback from motor officers
  • Legal Motorcycle Endorsement
  • Proper Registration
  • Insurance
  • Legal Helmet
  • Over-the-ankle foot protection
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye Protection

Upcoming Classes

Date Host Agency Location Status Fee Options
November 12, 2021 CMPD Charlotte Open $0 More Info Register

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Charlotte Mecklenburg Police BikeSafe Assessors:

Sgt. Adam Jones
Site Coordinator
Ofc. Danny Leung
Site Coordinator
Ofc. Amanda Cater
Ofc. Gavin Jackson
Ofc. Mark Price
Ofc. Michael Retort
Ofc. Regis Sanner

All BikeSafe NC assessors are carefully trained and certified.