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1. What is BikeSafe?

Category: General information

BikeSafe is traffic safety initiative to reduce crashes and fatalities for motorcyclists.

It is also a partnership between the Governor's Highway Safety Program, the NC State Highway Patrol and other local agencies.

This is a proactive approach to engage motorcyclists before they do something unsafe and to partner them with a motor officer for the purpose of an assessment of their existing skills.

2. How did BikeSafe begin?

Category: General information

Bikesafe began in London England as an effort to help manage health care costs for the Metropolitan Police Department. It evolved into a worldwide effort to train and protect motorcyclists.

3. Why is it free?

Category: General information

The goal is to save lives and reduce injuries. Saving lives and reducing injuries also saves money.

BikeSafe is sponsored in NC by the NC Governor's Highway Safety Program (GHSP) and funded in part by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). At some point in time, the program may require a participation fee.

4. Which states offer BikeSafe programs?

Category: General information

As of early 2010, the following states are in the process of introducing BikeSafe programs:

contact the Illinois State Police
South Carolina
contact the South Carolina Highway Patrol
contact the Anne Arundel County Police
Virginia (starting Nov. 2011)

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