Sgt. Jason Williams

Like many others, my motorcycle experience before becoming a New Bern Police Department Motor Officer consisted of recreational ATVs and personal street motorcycles. I currently drive a 1995 Yamaha Vmax as my personal motorcycle and I am assigned a 2013 Harley Davidson Police motorcycle. I have attended numberous traffic crash investigtive course to include Advance Traffic Crash Investigation. In 2010, I attended a two-week Police Motor Officer Course that was sponsored by the NC Highway Patrol. This course was extremely difficult in many aspects but overall it taught me that my knowledge about how to safely operate a motorcycle on the highways was very limited. In 2012, I attended the NC Bike Safe Assessor Program and believe that this course is a great way for riders to gain advice on how to make their motorcycling experience safer and more enjoyable. I look forward to sharing and gaining knowledge while interacting with fellow motorcyclist.

Sgt. Jason  Williams
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