Frequently Asked Questions

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17. How do I report a pothole or other hazardous road condition?

Category: General information

Go to our Contact Us page, select "Report a pothole" from the pulldown menu, describe the location of the hazard in the description field, and submit the form. Please include your contact information.

Thank you for your help keeping our roads safe to drive on.

18. Is BikeSafe only available to North Carolina residents?

Category: General information

No. BikeSafe is available to anyone that meets the basic requirements such as proper Motorcycle Endorsement or Motorcycle Learner's Permit and legally registered and insured motorcycle.

19. Can trikes participate in the class?

Category: General information

Trikes are more than welcome to participate. They will achieve more through the instructional classroom portion than the actual observed rides. It is hard for the assessor to evaluate the rider's riding skills on the trike but the rider will still achieve some level of improvement.

20. Riding With a Passenger

Category: Safety Tips

When riding with a passenger, make sure your rider stays relaxed and mimics the driver's movements. For example, if the driver looks left through a curve, the passenger should look left through the curve. If the driver is leaning into the curve, the passenger should lean into the curve with the driver. The passengers body should always work with the driver and not against the driver.

Passengers that squeeze their knees against the driver tend to offer support without encumbering the driver's movements. When possible, your passenger should attend training with the driver.

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