Sgt. Chad Penland

I began my Law Enforcement career in 1998 as a Emergency Communications Officer. In 1999 I attended Basic Law Enforcement Training in Asheville, NC starting my career with the Town of Burnsville Police Department. In 2003 I started with the Town of Cary Police. In 2010, I successfully completed NCSHP Motor Officer School, and was subsequently assigned to the Traffic Safety Unit, as a Motor Officer with the Town of Cary. In 2018 I joined the Town of Morrisville Police Department, and have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Field Operations Division. In 2019, I worked with the Town of Morrisville to purchase two 2020 BMW RT-P 1250 Motorcycles for the implementation of a future Traffic Safety Team. I still love riding, and ride as much as my time allows for.

Sgt. Chad Penland
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Sgt. Chad Penland