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Our professional police motorcyclists help you become safer and more confident, however you choose to ride. Register now for a class near you.

Real Advice from Professional Riders

BikeSafe NC invites motorcyclists to participate in Rider Skills Days that offer assessment on present skills and advice from motor officers to help make riding in North Carolina safer and more enjoyable.

As well as professional riding techniques, topics covered include the system of motorcycle control and psychological effects on your riding style.

The Rider Skills Days are offered during the week and weekends by highly qualified officers. The day includes both classroom instruction and on-the-road ride-outs.

Do You Want to get More from your Ride?

Learn from professional motor officers that ride every day for a living. Our assessors are trained observers, as well as mentors and educators.

BikeSafe NC Video

Whether you're a beginner or experienced motorcyclist, take this opportunity to view this introduction to BikeSafeNC.
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07/19/24 Cary $0 More Info
07/19/24 Charlotte $0 More Info
07/19/24 Fayetteville $0 More Info
07/26/24 Jacksonville $0 More Info Register
07/26/24 Woodfin/Asheville $0 More Info Register
07/26/24 Woodfin/Asheville $0 More Info Register