BikeSafe NC would not exist without the support of many people and organizations.

The program is modeled after the world-famous BikeSafe London program, created and taught by the Metropolitan Police Department of London. This program started in the United Kingdom and currently has 41 departments teaching it in their country. London has the best results sporting a 25% reduction in motorcycle fatalities since the program began.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol recognized an increase in motorcycle fatalities and researched multiple programs designed to minimize crashes and fatalities. BikeSafe NC was initially introduced as a pilot program from 2007-2008 in Wake County, NC. As a result, a reduction of motorcycle fatalities occurred in Wake County but was not found in other areas of the state.

Shortly after, BikeSafe NC gained attention from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and later the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The North Carolina State Highway Patrol later received a letter of commendation from the FHWA for its efforts in reducing motorcycle crashes and fatalities with BikeSafe NC.

In 2009 the program was expanded, and North Carolina saw the first statewide reduction in motorcycle fatalities in 5 years. This was the combined result of BikeSafe NC, other educational programs, a change in North Carolina helmet law, and increased enforcement efforts aimed at protecting motorcyclists.

BikeSafe NC would not be possible without the support of the Governor's Highway Safety Program. We are currently in the process of rolling out nationwide and North Carolina is proud to be associated with this effort to protect motorcyclists everywhere.